Yacht Charter Kos – The Entry Port to the Sporades

May 26, 2011

Yacht Charter KosKos is an amazing location, one of the best cultural centers in the yacht charter Greece, which also happens to be the entry port to the Sporades archipelago, a popular sailing destination in this part of the Mediterranean, with many attractions, eating and night time venues.

Why come here

If you’re thinking about taking a sailing trip to the Sporades, then making a stop by yacht charter Kos (or Cos as the locals spell it) is simply a must. Because it shares a name with the island it sits on, it’s sometimes confusing to know of which one speaks of. It is the largest town on the island and also the biggest port, which is why it’s the main entry point to the archipelago.

Among the best appreciated sights there are the Asklepion, the Complex of early Christian Basilicas of St. Stephen, the church of St. John the Baptist (Epta Bemata), the Neratzia Castle and the Hippocrates Plane Tree. As you can see, there are plenty of things to see around town, so you won’t get bored so easily, nor will you be able to take it all in on just one trip.

In order to aid the large groups of visitors that arrive in yacht charter Kos for touristic purposes, the local authorities have set up a small train which takes a tour around town making sure to pass along all the major sightseeing spots. For 20 minutes you’ll get the “fast version” of what is worth checking out in Kos and the departure point is conveniently placed near the harbor.

At lunch time all the local eateries in yacht charter Kos are crowded with tourists and locals alike, as eating out is considered a national pastime here in Greece. The cuisine here is a mix between traditional Greek recipes and international dishes. For a more picturesque experience, make sure to visit one of the tavernas or ouzeries around Kos.

When night falls, you’ll find that the city is animated by large crowds looking for fun. There are some landmarks like the Blues Brothers Bar in the Dolphins Square or the Hamam in Akti Kountourioti which you’ll simply have to visit in order to get a feel of the local night life. Quieter places to spend a night out include the open air cinema of Cine Orfeas which happens to also play films in English on occasions.

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