Yacht Charter Kalamaki – Like the Athenians Do it

May 24, 2011

Even if many foreign tourists regard Kalamaki as a separate town, locals know it’s in fact a suburb of Athens, a place located southeast of the big city, and home to one of the biggest marinas (possibly the biggest one in fact) in all of Greece.

Why come here

Yacht Charter KalamakiDue to its position so close to Athens, Greece’s capital and the main entry point I the country for tourists, yacht charter Kalamaki scores top points with the sailing circuit because most start their itineraries at this marina.

Another bonuse is the sheer size of the marina which can hold an impressive amount of boats at one time, perfect for those yacht charter crews that arrive here during the high season. Also, you’ll find that the Alimos marina in yacht charter Kalamaki is a mere 15 minutes by car from another great port in Greece, Piraeus.

The downside is that yacht charter Kalamaki in itself is void of sights and most of its touristic appeal comes from the marina. In fact, the suburb is made up of tall apartment buildings divided narrow streets where a yacht charter enthusiast could get lost.

The rest of the suburb is made up of small local shops which can be used to provide you with stocks for your yacht. But if you’re really into shopping, you’re better off in Athens or on the Piraeus waterfront.

Kalamaki is used as a weekend escape for the residents in Athens, who come here to get away from the urban agglomeration and the heat with some time on the water. But sometimes you’ll find that the weekend crowds at the marina are not necessarily made up of yacht charter aficionados.

Another bonus to yacht charter Kalamaki are the neighboring beaches which can provide further relief to those seeking to escape the unbearable heat in the city.

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