Yacht Charter Corfu – The Culture Trip to Greece

May 6, 2011

Yacht Charter CorfuIf you want to experience Greek culture, then you should definitely book a yacht charter holiday in Corfu island, a place full of museums, universities, libraries and plenty of marinas to boot, all located in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, in western yacht charter Greece.

Why come here

The island which name is a corruption from an old Byzantine word which translated into “city of the peakes”, yacht charter Corfu is the biggest island in the Ionian archipelago and the most famous by far with a long history which extends up until these days. Corfu town is a famous port that is well known to the yacht charter community.

The relief is made up of 2 mountain ranges which give out high cliff shorelines in the northern part and sandy beaches in the south. Yacht charter Corfu town sits in a large bay which has several large marinas. Out of the 217km of coastline there are few patches of vegetation which are covered in grape vines, fig trees and pomegranates, but also some more exotic species such as prickly pear and bananas.

The main attraction on the island is Corfu town which has been a strategic point for centuries and today represents a Mecca for yacht charter sailors cruising the Ionian Sea. All of the civilizations that passed though here contributed to the city’s cosmopolitan air and that’s why it’s so popular with yacht charter crowds.


Sailing around the Ionian islands and yacht charter Corfu is regarded as having medium difficulty and which can even be done by beginner skippers. The low degree of difficulty derives from the numerous anchoring places due to the irregular shoreline which produces a number of capes and promontories, the fair winds throughout the year (especially during the yacht charter Greece high season) and lots of line of sight sailing opportunities.

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